1950 Greek legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Greece on 5 March 1950.[1] The People's Party emerged as the largest party in Parliament, winning 62 of the 250 seats.[2]

1950 Greek legislative election

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All 250 seats in the Hellenic Parliament
126 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  80-G-702560 cropped tsaldaris.png Sophoklis Venizelos, 1921.png PROKOPIOU-PLASTIRAS-9.jpg
Leader Konstantinos Tsaldaris Sofoklis Venizelos Nikolaos Plastiras
Party People's Party Liberal EPEK
Seats won 62 56 45
Popular vote 317,312 291,083 277,739
Percentage 18.79% 17.24% 16.45%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Γεώργιος Α. Παπανδρέου 1.jpg
Leader Georgios Papandreou Alexandros Svolos Konstantinos Maniadakis
Seats won 35 18 16
Popular vote 180,185 163,824 137,618
Percentage 10.67% 9.70% 8.15%

Prime Minister before election

Alexandros Diomidis

Prime Minister after election

Sofoklis Venizelos


People's Party317,31218.7962
Liberal Party291,08317.2456
National Progressive Center Union[a]277,73916.4545
Georgios Papandreou Party180,18510.6735
Democratic Alignment163,8249.7018
Politically Independent Alignment137,6188.1516
National Reconstruction Front88,9795.277
National Party of Greece61,5753.657
Party of Farmers and Labourers44,3082.623
New Party42,1572.501
National Party of Working People26,9251.590
Party for the National Union14,2560.840
Greek Working People's Party9,1320.540
National Resistance Party of Greece8,2600.490
Party Alliance of Greek Workers and Political Refresh Movement8,1270.480
Independent Liberal Party3,0870.180
List of Independents2,9790.180
Agricultural Party2,1910.130
Christian Labour Agricultural Party1,0270.060
Christian Political Union4290.030
Greek Drivers' Party1570.010
Independent Farmer Party1460.010
National Independent Party of War Wounded and Victims of Greece1450.010
Labour-Professional Party of Greece970.010
Independent Agricultural Party of Greek People630.000
Professional and Industrial Party of Greece420.000
National Byzantine Party of Greece200.000
Valid votes1,688,60599.57
Invalid/blank votes7,2230.43
Total votes1,695,828100.00
Source: Nohlen & Stöver
  1. ^ Of the 45 seats won by the alliance, the Progressive Liberal Centre Party won 23, the Democratic Progressive Party won 13 and the alliance 9.[3]


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