1950–51 DDR-Oberliga championship play-off

The championship play-off of the 1950–51 DDR-Oberliga took place on 20 May 1951 at the Ernst-Thälmann-Stadion in Chemnitz between Chemie Leipzig and Turbine Erfurt. The match decided the winner of the 1950–51 DDR-Oberliga, the 2nd season of the DDR-Oberliga, the top-level football league in East Germany. The match was necessary as both teams finished the season level on points. At the time, the rules stated that if this were to occur, a playoff would be necessary to decide the national champion. With a 2–0 victory, Chemie Leipzig secured the championship for their 1st national title.[1]

1950–51 DDR-Oberliga
Championship play-off
1950–51 DDR-Oberliga championship play-off programme.jpg
Match programme cover
Event1950–51 DDR-Oberliga
Date20 May 1951 (1951-05-20)
VenueErnst-Thälmann-Stadion, Chemnitz
RefereeKurt Liebschner (Weißenfels)


The final phase of the championship for a long time was a three-way battle between Motor Zwickau, Chemie Leipzig, and Turbine Erfurt. However, as Zwickau lost both games against these direct opponents, they ended up finishing third. Two matchdays before the end of the season saw Leipzig leading Erfurt by a point. But on the final day they lost their table lead after a 2–3 defeat against Rotation Babelsberg. At the same time, Erfurt won 2–0 against Zwickau, meaning Chemie Leipzig and Turbine Erfurt were level on points at the top of the table.



While Chemie Leipzig were able to compete with their starting players, Turbine Erfurt were without defender Helmut Nordhaus and center-forward Wolfgang Nitsche, two important players. Both were suspended due to being disciplined in the international match between East Germany and Poland. Erfurt had another loss to cope with, as twelve minutes into the game, striker Heinz Hammer had to be substituted out due to an injury. Prior to that, Leipzig's attacker Georg Zenker had proven the dangerousness of his team with a good opportunity. At first the game was open, and Erfurt had an opportunity to take the lead in the 25th minute. However, Heinz Wozniakowski's free kick hit the post. Erfurt were thankful for the weak performance of the left attack side of Leipzig of Heinz Fröhlich and Rolf Grupe, and the absence of Nordhaus remained unnoticed for the time being.

The second half began with a strong offensive by Turbine Erfurt. In this period, the defence organized by Werner Eilitz of Leipzig proved its class. Leipzig had already conceded the fewest goals in the past Oberliga season, and now also stood up to the test of Erfurt. In the 52nd minute Erfurt scored what should have been a goal, but was falsely disallowed by referee Liebschner because of alleged offside player. In the middle of Erfurt's strong period, Chemie countered with surprising play. Rudolf Krause got past two Erfurt players and slotted the ball to Gerhard Helbig, who took the ball and scored past the Erfurt keeper for a 1–0 lead. Five minutes later, both players again found themselves combining. This time, Krause scored Leipzig's second goal with a 16-meter-long shot. Although Erfurt's best player, Jochen Müller, continued his efforts, Erfurt could no longer turn the result, and the match finished as a 2–0 win for Chemie.


Turbine Erfurt0–2Chemie Leipzig
Turbine Erfurt
Chemie Leipzig
GK 1   Heinz Senftleben
RB   Wilhelm Hoffmeyer
LB   Hans Machts
RH   Karl-Heinz Löffler
CH   Hans Birke
LH   Jochen Müller
OR   Eduard Francke
IR   Heinz Hammer   12'
CF   Heinz Wozniakowski
IL   Winfried Herz
OL   Helmut Lipper
FW   Erich Martin   12'
GK 1   Günter Busch
RB   Werner Brembach
LB   Walter Rose
RH   Horst Scherbaum
CH   Werner Eilitz
LH   Gerhard Polland
OR   Gerhard Helbig
IR   Rudolf Krause
CF   Georg Zenker
IL   Heinz Fröhlich
OL   Rolf Grupe
  Rolf Kukowitsch


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