1948 Upper Voltan Territorial Assembly election

Territorial Assembly elections were held in French Upper Volta on 30 May 1948, with a second round on 20 June.[1] They were the first elections to the new Territorial Assembly, which had been created following the separation of Upper Volta from Ivory Coast the previous year.[2]

Electoral systemEdit

The Territorial Assembly had 50 seats, with 10 elected by the First College (French citizens) and 40 by the Second College (non-French citizens).[3] The 1948 elections elected an additional 24 seats; six to the first college and 16 to the second.[1]


Governor Albert Mouragues was accused of favouring the Voltaic Union over the African Democratic Rally-affiliated Entente Voltaïque (EV),[2] with some commandants "using strong-arm methods" against the EV candidates, whilst a significant number of EV supporters were imprisoned.[4]


PartyFirst roundSecond roundTotal
First College
Rally of the French People33
Union List33
Total votes784
Registered voters/turnout1,38256.73
Second College
Voltaic Union7310
African Democratic Rally224
Community of Yatenga101
Total votes78,895
Registered voters/turnout137,29357.46
Source: De Benoist


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