1947 Doncaster rail crash

The 1947 Doncaster rail crash was a fatal rail incident that occurred just south of Doncaster station at Bridge Junction. A train was signalled onto an occupied line and the ensuing collision resulted in 18 deaths and 188 injuries. Both trains and signalling were operated by the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER).

1947 Doncaster rail crash
Date9 August 1947
LocationDoncaster railway station
156 mi (251 km) N from London
LineEast Coast Main Line
OperatorLondon & North Eastern Railway
CauseSignalman's error
Passengers1,400 (estimated)[1]
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Accident edit

At 4:41 pm on 9 August 1947, the 1:25 pm King's Cross to Leeds train (14 coaches) ran into the back of the 1:10 pm King's Cross to Leeds train (12 coaches) between Balby Junction signal box and Bridge Junction.[2] The site was approximately 0.75 miles (1.21 km) south of Doncaster station[3] and in the same area as the rail crash of 1951.[4] The last three coaches of the first train were almost completely destroyed[5] by the (estimated) 40-mile-per-hour (64 km/h) crash[6] when the leading locomotive of the 1:25 pm, a Gresley V2, crashed into the rear of the preceding train. 700 people were aboard the two trains with casualties amounting to 18 dead and 188 injured[4] (51 were taken to hospital). Local people came to assist where they could, and their efforts were acknowledged by the LNER.[7]

Cause edit

The first train had been brought to a stand at a red signal near to Bridge Junction, and was just starting away when the collision occurred.[6] The second train was incorrectly signalled into the section, resulting in a rear-end collision. It was later determined by the inquiry that neither of the drivers were to blame; it was the signalman at Balby signal box (J W McKone) who had accepted the second express into the section before clearing the first stationary train,[5] even though it was within his sight from the box and was only 177 yards (162 m) away.[8] Traffic had been described as "heavy for a Saturday, but not excessive".[9]

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