1945 SANFL Grand Final

The 1945 SANFL Grand Final was an Australian rules football game contested between the Port Adelaide Football Club and the West Torrens Football Club, held at Adelaide Oval in Adelaide on 29 September 1945. It was the 47th Grand Final of the South Australian National Football League, staged to determine the premiers for the 1945 SANFL season. The match, attended by 47,500 spectators, was won by West Torrens by a margin of 13 points, marking that club's third premiership victory.[1] The game is also remembered for being the final game of Haydn Bunton Sr's career.

1945 SANFL Grand Final
1945 SANFL Grand Final captains Quinn Thiele.jpg

West Torrens
Port Adelaide SANFL Icon.jpg
Port Adelaide
15.25 (115) 15.12 (102)
1 2 3 4
WT 2.7 (19) 9.11 (65) 13.17 (83) 15.25 (115)
PTA 8.3 (51) 9.7 (61) 13.11 (89) 15.12 (102)
DateSaturday, 29 September (2:10 pm)
StadiumAdelaide Oval
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Haydn Bunton Sr. was recruited by Port Adelaide secretary Charles Hayter for the 1945 season. The 1945 SANFL Grand Final was his final game.

This was the first SANFL Grand Final held after World War Two, with Japan surrendering 27 days prior to the game.[2]

Match summaryEdit

First quarterEdit

Port Adelaide's first quarter score of 8.3 (51) remains the largest opening term to any SANFL grand final.

Second quarterEdit

Third quarterEdit

Fourth quarterEdit


Port Adelaide
B: Victor Serotzki Donald Fletcher William McFarlane
HB: Colin Herbert Leslie McLean Lindsay Darling
C: Lyall Kretschmer Lew Roberts Louis Mangan
HF: Ronald Hall John Faulkhead Clarence Dayman
F: Ronald Hoffman Colin Grimm Ken Jolly
Foll: Bob McLean Haydn Bunton Sr Bob Quinn
Int: Kevin Growden
Coach: Bob Quinn
West Torrens
B: Sully A Roberts Hammerstein
HB: Cox Thiele R Roberts
C: Edwards Hank Barnes
HF: Wood McInnes Phillips
F: Nicholls Hodgins Turner
Foll: Prior Bill Tonkin Thoms
Int: Coverlid


Grand Final
{{{date}}} Port Adelaide def. by West Torrens Adelaide Oval (crowd: 47,500)
8.3 (51)
9.7 (61)
13.11 (81)
 15.12 (102)
2.7 (19)
9.11 (65)
13.17 (83)
 15.25 (115)
Quinn 5
Grimm, Hoffman 3
A. McLean 2
Hall, Dayman 1
Goals 4 Turner
3 Nicholls, McInnes
2 Thoms
1 Hodgens, Prior, Coverlid
Fletcher, L. McLean, Bunton, A. McLean, McFarlane, Quinn, Hall Best R. Roberts, Edwards, Wood, THoms, Nicholls, Turner, Prior

Post gameEdit

Record attendanceEdit

The crowd of 47,500 broke the attendance for a football match in South Australia that was previously 44,300 held by the 1924 SAFL Grand Final.

Haydn Bunton Sr last gameEdit

The 1945 SANFL Grand Final was Haydn Bunton Sr's last game.


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