1945 Edmonton municipal election

The 1945 municipal election was held November 7, 1945 to elect a mayor and five aldermen to sit on Edmonton City Council and five trustees to sit on the public school board, while four trustees were acclaimed to the separate school board.

There were ten aldermen on city council, but five of the positions were already filled: Sidney Bowcott, Athelstan Bissett (SS), Sidney Parsons, James Ogilvie, Frederick John Mitchell were all elected to two-year terms in 1944 and were still in office.

There were seven trustees on the public school board, but two of the positions were already filled: George Cormie and Alex Gemeroy had been elected to two-year terms in 1944 and were still in office. Izena Ross had also been elected to a two-year term in 1944, but had resigned; accordingly, James MacDonald was elected to a one-year term.

On the separate board, there were four vacancies out of seven seats, as Adrian Crowe (SS), Francis Killeen, and James O'Hara were continuing.

Voter turnout edit

There were 19,600 ballots cast out of 69,730 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 28.0%.

Results edit

Mayor edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Civic Democratic Alliance Harry Ainlay 10,690 54.74%
Citizens' Committee Winslow Hamilton 8,840 45.26%

Aldermen edit

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Citizens' Committee James McCrie Douglas 9,343 SS  Y
Civic Democratic Alliance Ethel Browne 9,074 SS  Y
Citizens' Committee John Munro 8,570  Y
Civic Democratic Alliance John Gillies 8,553  Y
Citizens' Committee Charles Gariepy 8,532  Y
Civic Democratic Alliance Joseph Dowler 8,384
Citizens' Committee E. B. Wilson 8,282
Citizens' Committee Percy Gwynne 7,942
Civic Democratic Alliance Peter Collins 7,814
Civic Democratic Alliance J. H. King 7,370
Independent Lawrie 2,996
Independent Rice Sheppard 2,062 SS
  Independent Labour W. H. O'Neill 1,646
Independent Julia Kiniski 1,305

Public school trustees edit

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Citizens' Committee Albert Ottewell 9,262 SS  Y
Citizens' Committee Armour Ford 9,100  Y
Citizens' Committee Mary Butterworth 9,090 SS  Y
Civic Democratic Alliance E. S. Haynes 8,491  Y
Citizens' Committee James MacDonald 8,265  Y
Citizens' Committee Frank J. Newson 8,174
Civic Democratic Alliance R. L. M. Hart 7,864
Civic Democratic Alliance D. Milner 7,567
Civic Democratic Alliance R. J. Boutilier 6,389
Civic Democratic Alliance J. W. Badowski 6,361

Separate (Catholic) school trustees edit

Joseph Gallant, Thomas Malone, J O Pilon, and William Wilde (SS) were acclaimed.

References edit