1935 Mannin Moar

The 1935 Mannin Moar (formally known as III Mannin Moar) was a Grand Prix that was held on 31 May 1935 at a street circuit in Douglas, Isle of Man. It was the thirteenth race of the 1935 Grand Prix season, but it did not count towards the championship. The race, contested over 50 laps of 4.035 mi, or 6.494 km, was won by Brian Lewis driving a Bugatti T59 after starting from pole position. He also won the two previous editions of the Mannin Moar.

1935 Mannin Moar Grand Prix
Race details
Date 31 May 1935
Official name III Mannin Moar
Location Douglas Circuit
Douglas, Isle of Man
Course Street circuit
Course length 6.494 km (4.035 miles)
Distance 50 laps, 324.7 km (201.75 miles)
Pole position
Driver C.E.C. Martin
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Brian Lewis Earl Howe & N. Rees
Time 3:06
First Earl Howe & N. Rees
Second C.E.C. Martin
Third L. Fontés


No. Driver Entrant Car DNA/DNS
1   Anthony Hamilton A. Hamilton Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
2   Dick Wilkins R. Wilkins Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
3   Dick Shuttleworth R. Shuttleworth Alfa Romeo Tipo B
4   Austin Dobson A. Dobson Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
4   Arthur Dobson A. Dobson Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza DNS - Austin Dobson started in his car
5   Luis Fontés L. Fontes Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
6   Tim Rose-Richards T. Rose-Richards Maserati 8C
7   Brian Lewis Earl Howe & N. Rees Bugatti T59
8   Andrew Leitch A. Leitch Bugatti T35B
9   Lindsay Eccles L. Eccles Bugatti T59
10   Charlie Martin C.E.C. Martin Bugatti T59
11   Charles Brackenbury C.E.C. Martin Bugatti T51
12   Richard Seaman R. Seaman Maserati 8CM DNA
14   Humphrey Cook H.W. Cook ERA A-Type
15   Raymond Mays H.W. Cook ERA A-Type
16   Teddy Rayson E. Rayson Bugatti T51
  • DNA = Did Not Arrive
  • DNS = Did Not Start

Starting positionsEdit

Pos. Driver Car constructor
1 Charlie Martin Bugatti
2 Dick Shuttleworth Alfa Romeo
3 Brian Lewis Bugatti
4 Luis Fontés Alfa Romeo
5 Lindsay Eccles Bugatti
6 Tim Rose-Richards Maserati
7 Raymond Mays ERA
8 Charles Brackenbury Bugatti
9 Teddy Rayson Bugatti
10 Humphrey Cook ERA
11 Andrew Leitch Bugatti
12 Anthony Hamilton Alfa Romeo
13 Dick Wilkins Alfa Romeo
14 Austin Dobson Alfa Romeo

Race reportEdit

At the start Martin fell back to third place behind Shuttleworth and Lewis. Mays at his turn had gone up to fourth place. Within ten laps three drivers had to retire - Rose-Richards because of a broken universal joint and later both Leitch and Hamilton crashed separately.

In the thirteenth lap Shuttleworth retired, leaving the podium positions open for three Bugattis - Lewis, Martin and Eccles. Mays later challenged Eccles until both ERA drivers (Mays and Cook) had to make an extra pit stop around lap thirty due to problems with their cars. However, when Eccles got transmission trouble Mays took over third position, having passed Fontés on lap forty.

But in the last lap the ERA broke down with transmission failure, so Mays retired and the last podium position - after Lewis and Martin - finally went to Fontés. This was Lewis' third Mannin Moar victory.[1]

Race resultsEdit

Pos. Driver Car Constructor Time (Diff.)/Status
1 Brian Lewis Bugatti 2:40:11
2 Charlie Martin Bugatti +51
3 Luis Fontés Alfa Romeo +8:03
4 Teddy Rayson Bugatti +15:00
NC Austin Dobson Alfa Romeo +1 lap (Flagged off)
NC Charles Brackenbury Bugatti +1 lap (Flagged off)
Ret Dick Wilkins Alfa Romeo +1 lap (DNF - crash)
Ret Raymond Mays ERA +1 lap (DNF - universal joint)
Ret Lindsay Eccles Bugatti +19 laps (DNF - universal joint)
Ret Humphrey Cook ERA +20 laps (DNF - oil pump)
Ret Dick Shuttleworth Alfa Romeo +37 laps (DNF - transmission)
Ret Anthony Hamilton Alfa Romeo +41 laps (DNF - crash)
Ret Andrew Leitch Bugatti +49 laps (DNF - crash)
Ret Tim Rose-Richards Maserati +50 laps (DNF - universal joint)


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