1935 Greek legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Greece on 9 June 1935.[1] The result was a victory for the People's PartyNational Radical Party alliance, which won 287 of the 300 seats in Parliament.

1935 Greek legislative election

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All 300 seats in the Hellenic Parliament
151 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  PnagiotisTsaldaris1932.jpg Ioannis Metaxas 1937 cropped.jpg
Leader Panagis Tsaldaris Ioannis Metaxas
Last election 42.16%, 129 seats 2.26%, 6 seats
Seats won 287 7
Seat change Increase 158 Increase 1
Popular vote 669,434 152,285
Percentage 65.04% 14.80%
Swing Increase 22.88pp Increase12.54pp

Prime Minister before election

Panagis Tsaldaris
People's Party

Prime Minister after election

Panagis Tsaldaris
People's Party

The elections were held in a climate of tension between the liberal Republicans, represented by the Venizelist parties, and the pro-royalist People's Party, following the failed Venizelist coup attempt in March. In protest at the execution of two prominent Venizelist generals, the continued function of special courts, and at the new electoral law, which they had not approved, all Venizelist parties decided not to participate. Without opponents, the right-wing parties had no problem in dominating the Parliament, whose role would be to adopt a new constitution and decide about the restoration of monarchy in the person of the exiled King George II.


People's PartyNational Radical Party669,43465.04287+158
Union of Royalists152,28514.807+1
Communists and Allies98,6999.5900
Macedonian Union29,6642.880New
National Party5,6360.550New
National Union of Greece2,5900.250New
Valid votes1,029,19694.39
Invalid/blank votes61,1665.61
Total votes1,090,362100.00
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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