1935 British Guiana general election

General elections were held in British Guiana on 3 September 1935.

Electoral system


The elections were held in accordance with the 1928 constitution, which established the Legislative Council, reducing the proportion of elected members and increasing the number of members appointed by the government.[1] The 30-member Legislative Council consisted of the Governor, two ex-officio members, eight official members, five unofficial members and 14 members elected in single-member constituencies.[2]


Constituency Elected member
Berbice River Joseph Eleazar
Central Demerara John Ignatius De Aguiar
Demerara-Essequibo Jung Bahadur Singh
Demerara River Arthur George King
Eastern Berbice Edward Alfred Luckhoo
Eastern Demerara Hubert Chester Humphrys
Essequibo River Alfred Railton Crum Ewing
Georgetown Central Percy Claude Wight
Georgetown North Frederick Jacob Seaford
Georgetown South Joseph Gonsalves
New Amsterdam Eustace Gordon Woolford
North Western District Charles Ramkissoon Jacob
Western Berbice Peer Bacchus
Western Essequibo Sydney Howard Seymour
Source: Parliament of Guyana



The first meeting of the newly elected Council was held on 15 October.[2] As there were no elections until 1947, the elected Legislative Council became known as the "Long Parliament".[3]