1934 Winter 100

The 1934 Winter 100[1] was a motor race held at the Phillip Island circuit, near Cowes on Phillip Island, in Victoria, Australia on 4 June 1934.[2] The race, which was organised by the Light Car Club of Australia, was staged over 15 laps, a total distance of 100 miles.[3] It was contested on a handicap basis with the first car scheduled to start 17 minutes 30 seconds before the Scratch car.[1]

The race was won by Les Jennings driving an MG Magna from a handicap of 10 minutes 45 seconds.[4]


The winning MG Magna of Les Jennings contesting the 1934 Winter 100
The MG Magna of Hope Bartlett contesting the 1934 Winter 100
Position[4] Driver[4][1][2] No. Car[4][1] Entrant[4][1] Handicap[1] Laps[4]
1 Les Jennings 9[5] MG Magna L. Jennings 10m 45s 15[3]
2 Bob Lea Wright Singer Le Mans A. Beasley 17m 30s 15[3]
3 Jack Clements 20[5] MG J2 Britannia Motors 15m 00s 15[3]
4 J. H. Skinner 19[5] MG J2 Britannia Motors 15m 00s
5 John Summers MG Magna J. H. Summers 10m 45s
6 C. G. Keefer 18[5] MG J2 Britannia Motors 15m 00s
7 Bill Thompson 14[2] MG P R. T. Lane 13m 00s
8 Les Murphy MG J2 L. Murphy 13m 00s
DNF Hope Bartlett 8[6] MG Magna Britannia Motors 10m 15s 7
DNF Ted McLean Salmson E. McLean 14m 30s 6
DNF R. Allen MG Magna R. Allen 12m 30s 5
DNF Harry Drake-Richmond Bugatti Type 37 H. Drake-Richmond 10m 30s 4
DNF Ken McKinney MG J3 s/c Britannia Motors 7m 30s 3
DNF Ron Head Riley Brooklands W. E. Johnson 13m 45s 1
DNF Arthur Terdich 17[5] MG J2 Britannia Motors 14m 30s 0
DNS[7] V. A. Moloney MG Magna V. A. Moloney 10m 45s -
DNS[3] Jack McCutcheon Bugatti Type 37 K MacKelkan 8m 45s -
DNS[3] Jack Williamson MG J3 s/c C. J. W. Williamson 7m 30s -
DNS[8] Bill Thompson MG K3 Magnette s/c R. T. Lane Scratch -
DNA[9] Bill Lowe Lombard s/c W. H. Lowe 10m 30s -
DNA[9] Merton Wreford MG J3 S. C. M. Wreford 7m 30s -


  • Entries: 21[4]
  • Starters: 15[4]
  • Finishers: 8[4]
  • Official race time: 1h 20m 46s[3]
  • Winner's average speed: 74.2 mph[4]
  • Fastest Time: L. Jennings (MG Magna)[4]


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