1933 Siamese general election

General elections were held in Siam in October and November 1933 to elect 78 of the 156 members of the House of Representatives, with the other 76 appointed by the King.[1] The elections were held on an indirect basis, with voters electing sub-district representatives between 10 October and 15 November, and the representatives then electing members of parliament on 16 November.[1]

1933 Siamese general election

October–November 1933 1937 →

78 of the 156 seats in the House of Representatives

Prime Minister before election

Phraya Phahonphonphayuhasena
Khana Ratsadon

Elected Prime Minister

Phraya Phahonphonphayuhasena
Khana Ratsadon

At the time there were no political parties,[2] so all candidates ran as independents. Voter turnout was 41.5%.[3] This was the first parliamentary election in Siamese history.


Royal appointees78
Total votes1,773,532
Registered voters/turnout4,278,23141.45
Source: Nohlen et al.


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