1933 Los Angeles mayoral election

The 1933 Los Angeles mayoral election took place on May 2, 1933, with a run-off election on June 6, 1933. Incumbent John Clinton Porter was defeated by Frank L. Shaw, a Los Angeles County Supervisor, in the runoff election.[1] During the election, Shaw's citizenship was questions as his birth records could not be located.[2]

1933 Los Angeles mayoral election

← 1929 May 2, 1933 (1933-05-02) and June 6, 1933 (1933-06-06) 1937 →
Candidate Frank L. Shaw John Clinton Porter
First round 118,775
Runoff 187,868

Candidate George E. Cryer Charles W. Dempster
First round 36,193
Runoff Eliminated Eliminated

Mayor before election

John Clinton Porter

Elected Mayor

Frank L. Shaw

Municipal elections in California, including Mayor of Los Angeles, are officially nonpartisan; candidates' party affiliations do not appear on the ballot.[3]

Election edit

Incumbent John Clinton Porter announced that he would be running for re-election.[4] He was challenged by Los Angeles County Supervisor Frank L. Shaw, former Mayor George E. Cryer, and State Assemblymember Charles W. Dempster. During the election, Shaw's citizenship came under question, as he had been born in Warwick, Ontario, Canada, and his birth records were not found.[5] Because of his birth records, a complaint was filed to try to prevent him from becoming mayor, asserting that he was still only a citizen of Canada and not a citizen of the United States.[6][7] In the runoff election, Shaw beat Porter by a comfortable margin.[1]

Results edit

Primary election edit

Los Angeles mayoral primary election, May 2, 1933[8]
Candidate Votes %
Frank L. Shaw 118,775 35.90
John Clinton Porter (incumbent) 111,540 33.71
George E. Cryer 36,193 10.94
Charles W. Dempster 35,285 10.67
Charles S. Hutson 10,639 3.22
Frank C. Shoemaker 5,539 1.67
Chaim Shapiro 4,702 1.42
Martin C. Neuner 3,511 1.06
George H. McLain 2,354 0.71
Lawrence Ross 2,311 0.70
Total votes 330,849 100.00

General election edit

Los Angeles mayoral general election, June 6, 1933[9]
Candidate Votes %
Frank L. Shaw 187,868 54.67
John Clinton Porter (incumbent) 155,784 45.33
Total votes 343,652 100.00

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