1933 Edmonton municipal election

The 1933 Edmonton municipal election was held November 8, 1933 to elect a mayor and five aldermen to sit on City Council and four trustees each to sit on the public and separate school boards.

There were ten aldermen on city council, but five of the positions were already filled: Charles Gibbs, John Wesley Fry, James Ogilvie, James East, and John McCreath were all elected to two-year terms in 1932 and were still in office.

There were seven trustees on the public school board, but three of the positions were already filled: Mrs. E G Ferris, Frederick Casselman, and Samuel Barnes had all been elected to two-year terms in 1932 and were still in office. The same was true of the separate school board, where Adrien Crowe (SS), J O Pilon, and W D Trainor were continuing.

Voter turnout edit

There were 21,730 ballots cast out of 44,603 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 48.7%.

Results edit

Mayor edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Daniel Kennedy Knott 13,453 61.91%
  Independent Labour Joseph Clarke 7,657 35.24%
Independent J. A. Leonard 620 2.85%

Aldermen edit

Councillors were elected through Plurality block voting.

The Labour Party took four of the five seats up for election.

Margaret Crang was among them. She was the second woman elected to the Edmonton city council.

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Labour Rice Sheppard 11,418 SS  Y
Labour Miss M. (Margaret) Crang 10,858 SS  Y
Labour Harry Ainlay 10,195 SS  Y
Civic Government Association Ralph Bellamy 9,609  Y
Labour James Findlay 9,536  Y
Civic Government Association W. W. McBain 8,471
Civic Government Association Robert Dolphin Tighe 7,728
Civic Government Association T. A. Graham 7,647
Civic Government Association Dick Foote 7,537
Independent Labour M. Ainslie 2,879
Communist Jan Lakeman 2,830
Independent Labour Frank R. Lovette 2,636
Independent Labour Walter Clevely 2,493
Communist George H. Salter 1,295
Independent Peter Glassman 1,215
Independent F. S. Wright 1,094
Independent Charles Martin Keily 681

Public school trustees edit

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Civic Government Association Albert Ottewell 12,500 SS  Y
Labour Frank Crang 11,963 SS  Y
Civic Government Association Walter Morrish 9,722  Y
Labour Sidney Bowcott 9,309  Y
Civic Government Association H. H. Dyde 8,762
Civic Government Association Ernest Howard 7,909
Labour L. E. Price 6,911

Separate (Catholic) school trustees edit

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Independent Charles Gariepy 1,830  Y
Independent Thomas Malone 1,812  Y
Independent Thomas Magee 1,688  Y
Independent Mrs. M. Conroy 1,683
Independent J. Tansey 1,444 SS  Y

Under the minimum South Side representation rule, Tansey was elected over Conroy.

Board of Health Plebiscite edit

Are you in favor of the health services at present administered by the local Board of Health of the City of Edmonton and the Public and Separate School Boards being amalgamated and placed under the control of the local Board of Health?

  • Yes - 11,660
  • No - 7,971

References edit