1926 United States Senate election in Indiana

The 1926 United States Senate elections in Indiana took place on November 2, 1926. Incumbent Republican Senator James E. Watson was re-elected to a second full term in office over Democratic attorney Albert Stump.

1926 United States Senate election in Indiana

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Nominee James E. Watson Albert Stump
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 522,837 511,454
Percentage 50.04% 48.95%

U.S. senator before election

James E. Watson

Elected U.S. Senator

James E. Watson

Democratic nominationEdit


Frederick ran with the backing of former U.S. Senator and party boss Thomas Taggart. Curry ran primarily for the modification of the state's "bone dry" prohibition law, rather than national prohibition.[1]


In a non-binding primary, Cullop won with Stump finishing second.[1]


On the first convention ballot, Frederick was first with Cullop second. On the second ballot, Stump passed Cullop for second place. On the third, there was a stampede to his candidacy as Frederick and Cullop supporters abandoned their candidates for Stump.[1]

General electionEdit


  • William H. Harris (Prohibition)
  • Albert Stump, World War I veteran and attorney[1] (Democratic)
  • Forrest Wallace (Socialist)
  • James E. Watson, incumbent Senator since 1916 (Republican)


1926 United States Senate election in Indiana[3][4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican James E. Watson (incumbent) 522,837 50.04%  4.53
Democratic Albert Stump 511,454 48.95%  7.80
Prohibition William H. Harris 5,420 0.52%  0.55
Socialist Forrest Wallace 5,106 0.49%  1.38
Total votes 1,044,817 100.00%
Republican hold Swing

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