1926 United States Senate election in Connecticut

The 1926 United States Senate election in Connecticut was held on November 2, 1926.

1926 United States Senate election in Connecticut

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  HirambinghamIII.jpg Rollin U. Tyler.jpg
Nominee Hiram Bingham III Rollin Tyler
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 191,401 107,753
Percentage 63.3% 35.6%

U.S. senator before election

Hiram Bingham III

Elected U.S. Senator

Hiram Bingham III

Incumbent Senator Hiram Bingham III, who won a 1924 special election to complete the unexpired term of Frank B. Brandegee, was re-elected to a full term in office over Democrat Rollin U. Tyler.

Republican nominationEdit

At the Republican convention in Hartford on September 13, Senator Bingham was unopposed for re-nomination.[1]

Democratic nominationEdit


  • Rollin Tyler, Probate Court Judge and nominee for Governor in 1920


  • Charles Gould Morris, nominee for Governor in 1924 (ran for Governor)
  • William E. Thoms, judge and former Mayor of Waterbury


The Senate nomination was largely seen as a secondary consolation prize in the campaign for Governor. The two leading candidates for that office were Charles Gould Morris and William E. Thoms.[2][3] On the eve of the convention, Thoms appeared the have the edge for Governor, leaving the Senate nomination to Morris.[3]


At the convention, Thoms declined to stand for any office; his supporters suggested he would run in 1928 on a ticket with Al Smith. Morris took the gubernatorial nomination for the second consecutive campaign, and Probate Court Judge Rollin Tyler was nominated for Senate.[4] The party platform urged for the repeal of Prohibition, which was an "indefensible curtailment of personal liberty," and decentralization of government from Washington to the states.[4]

General electionEdit


  • Hiram Bingham III, incumbent Senator since 1924 (Republican)
  • Morris Rice (Socialist)
  • Rollin U. Tyler, Probate Court Judge and nominee for Governor in 1920 (Democratic)


Bingham and the entire Republican ticket cruised to re-election. By October 31, the New York Times confidently predicted that he would win.[5]


1926 U.S. Senate election in Connecticut[6]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Hiram Bingham III (incumbent) 191,401 63.31%  2.96
Democratic Rollin U. Tyler 107,753 35.64%  2.95
Socialist Morris Rice 3,173 1.05%  
Total votes 302,327 100.0%
Republican hold Swing

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