1926 Polish presidential elections

Two presidential elections were held in Poland in 1926. They followed the May Coup, which forced President Stanisław Wojciechowski and Prime Minister Wincenty Witos to resign and gave effective power to coup leader, Marshal Józef Piłsudski.

1926 Polish presidential elections

May election
← 1922 31 May 1926 June 1922 →
  Jozef Pilsudski1.jpg Adolf Bninski.jpg
Nominee Józef Piłsudski Adolf Bniński
Electoral vote 292 193
Percentage 60.21% 39.79%

President before election

Stanisław Wojciechowski


Maciej Rataj (acting)

June election
← May 1922 1 June 1926 1933 →
  Mościcki portret.jpg Adolf Bninski.jpg
Nominee Ignacy Mościcki Adolf Bniński
Electoral vote 215 211
Percentage 58.30% 41.49%

President before election

Maciej Rataj (acting)


Ignacy Mościcki

Professor Ignacy Mościcki was elected (and accepted) in place of Piłsudski

According to then Constitution President was elected by joint houses of Sejm and Senate (National Assembly).

31 MayEdit

There were two candidates: Piłsudski and supported by the National Democracy, Christian Democracy and Piast Adolf Bniński, Voivode of Poznań. Several other politicians were mentioned to run, most notably ousted President Wojciechowski, Sejm Marshal and now Acting President Maciej Rataj (Polish People's Party "Piast") and Senate Marshal Wojciech Trąmpczyński (National Democracy), but they declined to run.

Piłsudski was endorsed by left-wing groups and Biński was endorsed by national democracy.

Piłsudski defeated Biński in a single round:

Józef Piłsudski29260.21
Adolf Bniński19339.79

1 JuneEdit

Piłsudski, now President-elect, declined to take office due to minor powers vested by the constitution. He proposed the candidacy of politically unknown Ignacy Mościcki, a well known chemist. Due to Mościcki's lack of experience and his devotion to Piłsudski, this move assured loyalty of the next President to the de facto leader.

The Polish Socialist Party, who had previously supported Piłsudski, filed their candidate:- Sejm Caucus Chair Zygmunt Marek, a man who had officially nominated Piłsudski a day earlier. Bniński ran again.

CandidateFirst roundSecond round
Ignacy Mościcki21544.6128158.30
Adolf Bniński21143.7820041.49
Zygmunt Marek5611.6210.21

Mościcki accepted his election.


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