1925 Galloway by-election

The Galloway by-election, 1925 was a by-election held for the British House of Commons constituency of Galloway in Scotland on 17 November 1925. The by-election was won by the Unionist Party candidate Sidney Streatfeild.


The Unionist MP Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Henniker-Hughan had died on 4 October 1925. He had held the seat since gaining it from the Liberals at the 1924 general election;

General election 1924 Electorate 30,107
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Unionist Arthur Henniker-Hughan 12,268 53.1
Liberal Cecil Dudgeon 10,852 46.9
Majority 1,416 6.2 N/A
Turnout 23,120 76.8
Unionist gain from Liberal Swing N/A


The constituency was created for the 1918 general election, at which a Coalition Government supporting, couponed, sitting Liberal MP was returned unopposed. At the following General Election in 1922, after the Coalition Government had ended, a Liberal beat a Unionist and in 1923, the sitting Liberal was returned unopposed.


The Unionist candidate was 31-year-old company director, Captain Sidney Streatfeild, who had previously contested the City of Durham constituency at the 1924 general election.

The Liberal Party candidate was 40-year-old local farmer, Major Cecil Dudgeon, (Portrait)[1] who had held the seat from 1922 until his defeat in 1924 by Henniker-Hughan.

The Labour Party, which had never before contested the constituency, decided to intervene and fielded as candidate, John Mitchell.


Polling Day was fixed for 17 November 1925, 43 days after the death of the previous member, allowing for a long campaign.


On an increased turnout, Streatfeild held the seat for the Unionists, with a reduced majority of 928 votes. The Labour candidate finished third, splitting the anti-Unionist vote enough to deny the Liberal victory;

Galloway by-election, 1925 Electorate 29,992
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Unionist Sidney Streatfeild 10,846 43.5 −9.6
Liberal Cecil Dudgeon 9,918 39.7 −9.2
Labour John Mitchell 4,207 16.8 New
Majority 928 3.8 −2.4
Turnout 24,971 83.3 +6.5
Unionist hold Swing


At the following General Election in 1929, Dudgeon gained the seat for the Liberals;

General election 1929 Electorate 39,621[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Cecil Dudgeon 13,461 42.4 +2.7
Unionist Sidney Streatfeild 13,360 42.1 -1.4
Labour Hector McNeill 4,903 15.5 -1.3
Majority 101 0.3 N/A
Turnout 31,724 80.1 -3.2
Liberal gain from Unionist Swing +2.1

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