1920 Panamanian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Panama on 2 August 1920.

On 30 January 1920 President Belisario Porras Barahona resigned to stand for election in August. "Convinced that the ballot would be rigged, supporters of his opponent, Ciro Luis Urriola, repeatedly petitioned for U.S. supervision, only to be told the answer was no. Faced with this political death sentence, Ciro Urriola pulled out".[1]

Belisario Porras Barahona was elected "almost unanimously in one of the quietest elections in the history of the republic".[2]

Results Edit

Belisario Porras BarahonaPorrista Liberal Party18,472
Ciro Luis UrriolaChiarista Liberal Party
Source: Escritas Históricos de Panamá

References Edit

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