1920 Mendoza earthquake

The 1920 Mendoza earthquake took place in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, on 17 December at 6:59:49 p.m. It measured magnitude 6.0, and its epicenter was at 32°42′S 68°24′W / 32.700°S 68.400°W / -32.700; -68.400, with a depth of 40 km.

1920 Mendoza earthquake
1920 Mendoza earthquake is located in Argentina
1920 Mendoza earthquake
UTC time1920-12-17 19:00:04
ISC event912690
Local date12 May 1920 (1920-17-12)
Local time06:59
Magnitude6.0 Mw
Depth40 km (25 mi)
Epicenter32°25′S 68°14′W / 32.41°S 68.24°W / -32.41; -68.24Coordinates: 32°25′S 68°14′W / 32.41°S 68.24°W / -32.41; -68.24
Areas affectedMendoza, Argentina
Max. intensityVIII (Severe)
Casualties200 dead

The earthquake was felt with grade VIII (Severe) on the Mercalli intensity scale. It affected the provincial capital Mendoza, and caused material damage and numerous fatalities in several towns 30 km (19 mi) to the northeast.

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