1915 Calgary municipal election

The 1915 Calgary municipal election took place on December 13, 1915 to elect a Mayor to a one-year term and six Aldermen on a two-year term, and two Aldermen for a one-year term, to sit on the thirty-first Calgary City Council.[1] In addition, a Commissioner, four members for the Public School Board, three members for the Separate School Board, two plebiscites on daylight savings time and extension of coving franchise both passed.[2]

1915 Calgary municipal election
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Candidate Michael Copps Costello
Popular vote Acclaimed

Mayor before election

Michael Copps Costello

Elected Mayor

Michael Copps Costello

The eight elected Aldermen joined Aldermen John Sidney Arnold, Arthur Walter Ellson Fawkes, James Abel Hornby, and Isaac Gideon Ruttle who were previously elected for two-year terms in 1914 on Calgary City Council.

Background edit

The election was held under multiple non-transferable vote where each elector was able to cast a ballot for the mayor, commissioner and six ballots for Aldermen who were elected at-large with the city as one large district.

Voting franchise was open to all men or women listed on the City's assessment roll with real property valued over $400. The 1915 election would be the last municipal election in Calgary requiring property ownership, and was the last without a citizenship requirement.

Two one-year Alderman position was opened on Council following John William Mitchell and John Leslie Jennison resigned during their two year term. The six candidates with the most votes were elected to two year terms, while the next two highest candidates were elected to a single year term.

Mayor Costello and Commissioner Graves were acclaimed upon the close of nominations on December 7, 1915.[3]

Results edit

Mayor edit

Commissioner edit

  • Arthur Garnet Graves - Acclaimed

Councillors edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Robert Colin Marshall 2,063
Adoniram Judson Samis 2,042
Samuel Hunter Adams 1,832
John McNeill 1,564
Thomas John Searle Skinner 1,510
George Frederick Tull 1,552
Allan Poyntz Patrick (One Year) 1,489
Robert John Tallon (One Year) 1,346
Albert C. Johnston 1,316
Andrew Graham Broatch 1,130
A.R. Vince 1,095
William Guy 987
Thomas Hart 826

School board trustee edit

Public school board edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Archibald S. Nimmo 1,679
Annie Graham Foote 1,453
Joseph Tweed Shaw 1,426
William Ernest Spankie 1,323
William George Hunt 1,191
Thomas H. Crawford 1,168
Barnecut 887

Separate school board edit

  • John Burns - Acclaimed
  • John Edward McDonald - Acclaimed
  • James L. Tobin - Acclaimed

Plebiscite edit

Franchise extension edit

Extension of voting franchise to all residents male or female who are British subjects 21 years of age who have been residents of the city for six months prior to June 1 of the year of a municipal election.

  • For - 1,519
  • Against - 361

Daylight savings edit

Daylight savings time.

  • For - 1,334
  • Against - 1,007

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References edit

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