1913 United States Senate election in Massachusetts

The 1913 United States Senate election in Massachusetts was held during January 1913. Incumbent Republican Senator Winthrop Crane retired and was succeeded by Republican John Wingate Weeks.

1913 United States Senate election in Massachusetts

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All members of the Massachusetts General Court
Majority of votes needed to win
  John Wingate Weeks, Bain bw photo portrait.jpg 3x4.svg
Nominee John W. Weeks Sherman Whipple
Party Republican Democratic
Electoral vote 160 121
Percentage 58.82% 29.41%

Senator before election

Winthrop Crane

Elected Senator

John W. Weeks

At the time, Massachusetts elected United States Senators by a majority vote of the combined houses of the Massachusetts General Court.

Republican caucusEdit



1913 Republican nominating caucus[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican John W. Weeks 97 60.25%
Republican Samuel Walker McCall 57 35.40%
Republican Curtis Guild Jr. 5 3.11%
Republican George P. Lawrence 1 0.62%
Republican Robert Luce 1 0.62%
Total votes 161 100.00%

After winning the caucus nomination on the thirty-first ballot, Weeks's support was made unanimous by acclamation on a motion by McCall supporter Claude L. Allen. The motion was seconded by Guild supporter John L. Sherburne.[1]


1911 United States Senate election in Massachusetts[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican John W. Weeks 160 58.82%
Democratic Sherman L. Whipple 80 29.41%
Progressive John Graham Brooks 5 1.84%
Democratic John A. Keliher 1 0.37%
Democratic Joseph C. Pelletier 1 0.37%
Various Scattering 25 9.19%
None No vote 8 N/A
Total votes 272 100.00%


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