1913 United States Senate election in Georgia

The first election under the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was a late election held on June 15, 1913.[1][2] The election was late because two of the candidates were hospitalized due to illness and could not campaign as required.

1913 United States Senate election in Georgia (Class 2)

← 1911 (Special) June 15, 1913 1914 (Special) →
Nominee Augustus Octavius Bacon
Party Democratic
Percentage Unopposed

U.S. senator before election

Augustus Octavius Bacon

Elected U.S. senator

Augustus Octavius Bacon

Augustus Octavius Bacon was first elected by the Georgia General Assembly in 1894. His most recent term had ended on March 3, but the Legislature had failed to elect a successor.[citation needed] The Governor of Georgia then appointed Bacon to begin the term starting March 4.[3]

Bacon was re-elected in this late election, running unopposed.[1][3] This was despite the General Assembly not taking action to ratify the constitutional amendment.

He would serve only until his death on February 14, 1914,[1] leading to another interim appointment and eventual special election.

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