1913–14 National Challenge Cup

The 1913–14 National Challenge Cup was the inaugural edition of the national knock-out soccer competition in the United States that would eventually become the modern-day Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. Brooklyn Field Club won the title.

1913–14 National Challenge Cup
Dewar trophy 1914.jpg
Dewar Challenge Cup
Country United States
ChampionsBrooklyn Field Club (1st title)
Runners-upBrooklyn Celtic
Matches played39
Goals scored159 (4.08 per match)

The competition ran alongside the 1914 American Cup, an older, similar competition organised by the American Football Association (AFA). At the time, two different organisations vied for recognition as the official national association for American soccer, the predominantly north-eastern AFA and the organisers of the Challenge Cup, the newly named United States Football Association.[2] The organisers of the National Challenge Cup prevailed, and the 1913-14 competition is thus recognised as that years national cup tournament, and the inaugural edition of what is now the U.S. Open Cup.

The second round drawing took place on November 9, 1913.[3]


Home teams listed on top of bracket

First Round
November 1 – 2
Second Round
November 30 – December 21
Third Round
January 18 – March 8
March 21 – April 5
April 18 – 26
May 16
NY Brooklyn F.C. 1
NY IRT Strollers 0
NY Brooklyn F.C. 3
NY Brooklyn Rangers 0
NY Brooklyn Rangers
NY Brooklyn F.C. 1
PA Bethlehem Steel 0
PA Braddock
PA Braddock 2
PA Bethlehem Steel (a.e.t.) 3
PA Bethlehem Steel 7
PA Disston F.C. 0
NY Brooklyn F.C. 4
NY Yonkers F.C. 1
NY Yonkers F.C.
NY Yonkers F.C. 3
NY Fulton A.C. 0
NY Fulton A.C.
NY Yonkers F.C. 3
NY New York Celtic 1
NY New York Celtic
NY New York Celtic 4
NY German F.C. 1
NY German F.C. 5
NY Cameron F.C. 0
NY Brooklyn F.C. 2
MA New Bedford F.C. 1
MA New Bedford F.C. 3
MA Farr Alpaca F.C. 1
MA New Bedford F.C. 3
CT Bridgeport Presby. 0
CT Bridgeport Presby.
MA New Bedford F.C. 2
PA W. Philadelphia F.C. 0
PA W. Philadelphia F.C.
PA W. Philadelphia F.C. 4
PA Kensington F.C. 1
PA Tacony F.C. w/o
PA Kensington F.C.
MA New Bedford F.C. 4*
PA Peabody F.C. 1*
PA Peabody F.C.
PA Peabody F.C. 3*
PA Wissinoming F.C. 0*
PA Wissinoming F.C.
PA Peabody F.C. w/o
NY St. George F.C.
NY St. George F.C.
NY St. George F.C. 2**
NY Hudson United F.C. 0**
NY Hudson United F.C.
NY Brooklyn F.C. 2
NY Brooklyn Celtic 1
NY Brooklyn Celtic
NY Brooklyn Celtic 6
NY Hollywood Inn F.C. 0
NY Hollywood Inn F.C.
NY Brooklyn Celtic 5
NJ Babcock & Wilcox 0
NJ Watsessing F.C.
NJ Watsessing F.C. 3
NJ Babcock & Wilcox 5
NJ Babcock & Wilcox 6
NJ Cowboy F.C. 2
NY Brooklyn Celtic 2
NY Columbia Oval F.C. 0
NY Columbia Oval F.C.
NY Columbia Oval F.C. 5
NY Clan Mackenzie F.C. 2
NY Clan Mackenzie F.C.
NY Columbia Oval F.C. 2
NJ Harrison Alley Boys 1
NJ West Hudson Juniors
NJ West Hudson Juniors 0*
NJ Harrison Alley Boys 4*
NJ Harrison Alley Boys 8
NJ C.S. Jersey Blues FC 5
NY Brooklyn Celtic 6
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 2
MI Roses F.C.
MI Roses F.C. 2*
MI Packard F.C. 1*
MI Packard F.C.
MI Roses F.C. 0
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 2
NY MacNaughton Rang.
NY MacNaughton Rang. w/o
NY Niagara Falls Rangers
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 6
NY Buffalo Corinthians 1
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 2
IL Pullman F.C. 1
IL McDuffs
IL McDuffs 0
IL Hyde Park Blues 2
IL Hyde Park Blues
IL Hyde Park Blues 2
IL Pullman F.C. 4
IL Campbell F.C.
IL Campbell F.C. 0
IL Pullman F.C. 3
IL Pullman F.C.

(*) replay after tied match
w/o walkover/forfeit victory awarded


Brooklyn Field Club (NY)2–1(NY) Brooklyn Celtic
Adamson   3'
Ford   87'
Report Campion   27' (pen.)
Attendance: 10,000

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