1911 Calgary municipal election

The 1911 Calgary municipal election was held on December 11, 1911, to elect a Mayor and twelve Aldermen to sit on the twenty-eighth Calgary City Council from January 2, 1912, to January 2, 1913.[1]

1911 Calgary municipal election
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Candidate John William Mitchell
Popular vote Acclaimed

Mayor before election

John William Mitchell

Elected Mayor

John William Mitchell

Background edit

The election was held under multiple non-transferable vote where each elector was able to cast a ballot for the mayor and up to three ballots for separate councillors with a voter's designated ward. Mayor John William Mitchell and Commissioner Simon John Clarke was acclaimed as the only candidate for Mayor on December 4, 1911.[2]

Results edit

Mayor edit

Commissioner edit

  • Arthur Garnet Graves - Acclaimed

Councillors edit

Ward 1 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Charles Henry Minchin 555
Adoniram Judson Samis 542
Magnus Brown 502
Alfred Bruce Cushing 474
Charles Riddock 316
Hyman King 178
Thomas Hart 123

Ward 2 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Frank Russell Riley 530
Alexander Clarence McDougall 499
Shibley Goldsmith Carscallen 355
M.F. Batchelor 336
William Henry Ross 323
N.J. Duckworth 222
James Smalley 203
A.R. Vince 120

Ward 3 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
James Abel Hornby 333
Richard Addison Brocklebank 272
Stanley Brown Ramsey 255
S. Carson 200
Bert Fisher 103

Ward 4 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
George W. Morfitt 682
John Goodwin Watson 526
Reuben Switzer Whaley 398
A.C. Seratch 369
T.E. Jackson 362
Sidney Houlton 296

School board trustee edit

Public School Board edit

Candidate Votes Percent
James Walker 1,802
Herbert Arthur Sinnott 1,530
A.C. Newcombe 1,208
S.B. Hillocks

Separate School Board edit

Candidate Votes Percent
John Burns
J.J. Doyle
J.L. Tobin

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References edit

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