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The 1911 Adelaide Carnival was the second edition of the Australasian Football Carnival, an Australian rules football interstate competition. It took place from 2 August to 12 August at Adelaide Oval, and was won by South Australia.


Home state South Australia was joined by teams representing Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales. Two teams which had competed in the 1908 Melbourne Carnival – Queensland and New Zealand – did not send teams in 1911.

The five teams competed in a single division, each playing the others once. The state with the best record from those games would win the tournament; or, if two teams shared the best record, a final would have been staged. All games were played at Adelaide Oval.[1]

The carnival made a small profit, taking £1,100 at the gate across six days of play, compared with the visiting teams' expenses of £1,025.[2]


Fred Baring
Charles Doig
Victoria Carnival Squad[3]
Manager: T. Fleming Cooke
Carlton: T. A. Clancy, V. S. Gardiner, E. Jamieson, V. G. Valentine, J. Wells

Collingwood: W. H. Lee, J. F. McHale (vice-capt.), E. M. Rowell, J. M. Sadler, J. Sharp*
Essendon: F. A. Baring, A. Belcher, E. J. Cameron, D. Smith
Fitzroy: J. Cooper, G. Holden
Geelong: W. Eason (capt.), R. R. Grigg, G. V. Heinz
Richmond: B. V. Herbert, L. Incigneri
St Kilda: A. Pierce
University: G. S. Elliott, D. Greenham

Sharp was not selected in the original squad, but was called up due to injuries and absences in the primary squad. Sharp was in Adelaide because Collingwood and North Adelaide played an exhibition match during the week of the carnival.[4]

Western Australia
Western Australian Carnival Squad[5][6][7]
Boulder City: J. Baker, H. Denton, H. Gavin, R. Hebbard, T. Puddy

East Fremantle: W. Craig, C. Doig, E. Riley, A. Strang
North Fremantle: P. Matson, G. Toohey
Mines Rovers: F. Daykin, W. Mayman, W. Truscott
Perth: Moffat, C. Waugh, T. R. Willoughby
Railways: A. J. Aldridge, W. Smith, G. Tyson
South Fremantle: E. Ralston
Warriors: W. Tremberth
West Perth: G. Balme, Barnes

The Western Australian chose its squad from an even split of twelve players from the West Australian Football League and twelve players from the Goldfields Football League.

South Australia
South Australian Carnival Squad[8][9]
Managers: J. Hodge (Port Adelaide), A. C. Thomas (Sturt)
North Adelaide: E. Johns, T. Leahy

Norwood: L. A. Lewis, P. Robin
Port Adelaide: A. Congear, F. J. Hansen, S. Hosking, H. W. Oliver
South Adelaide: A. Job, Jones, J. J. Treadrea (vice-capt.)
Sturt: H. V. Cumberland, E. L. Renfrey (capt.)
West Adelaide: A. Conlin, W. Dowling, G. Oakley, H. R. Read
West Torrens: S. D. Geddes, D. Low, A. Taylor

Tasmanian Carnival Squad[10][11]
TFL (Hobart): Absolom, R. Bailey, T. Bastick, Bennison, C. Bryan, Carroll, C. Dunn, C. Edwards, J. Gardiner (capt.), Hay, P. Jory, H. Kelly, G. Morrissey, Molross, Pennicott, Reardon, Reid, E. Russell, Tudor

NTFA (Launceston): G. Challis, Hutchinson, M. S. McKenzie, Tynan, Webster

New South Wales
New South Wales Carnival Squad[12]
Manager: E. W. Butler
Broken Hill: J. Lord

East Sydney: J. Ashley, H. Welsh
Newtown: J. Dawson, H. P. Hortin, A. Provan
North Broken Hill: A. Beck, J. Incoll, A. Matheson, R. Monroe, A. Pincombe
North Shore: R. Robertson (capt.), H. Teague
Paddington: F. Beaver, G. Parr
South Broken Hill: A. Zeugofsge
Sydney: J. Lynch, W. Muggivan, R. Pascoe, A. Vincent (vice-capt.)
West Broken Hill: J. Yuill
Y.M.C.A.: T. Dickson, R. Ellis, P. McCann, A. Rial

The New South Wales squad comprised seventeen players from Sydney and eight players from Broken Hill.



Saturday 2 AugustEdit

Day 1
Wednesday, 2 August (2:45pm) Victoria 13.18 (96) def. New South Wales 11.6 (72) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 4,000) [13]

Saturday 5 AugustEdit

Day 2
Saturday, 5 August (1:15pm) Victoria 8.22 (70) def. Tasmania 6.3 (39) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 18,000 (C-R)) [14]
Saturday, 5 August (3:15pm) South Australia 13.18 (96) def. Western Australia 3.5 (23) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 18,000) [14]

Monday 7 AugustEdit

Day 3
Monday, 7 August (1:15pm) Western Australia 9.13 (67) def. New South Wales 8.18 (66) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 2,500 (C-R)) [15]
Monday, 7 August (3:15pm) South Australia 13.13 (91) def. Tasmania 3.6 (24) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 2,500) [15]

Wednesday 9 AugustEdit

Day 4
Wednesday, 9 August (1:15pm) South Australia 12.20 (92) def. New South Wales 2.9 (21) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 3,000 (C-R)) [16]
Wednesday, 9 August (3:00pm) Victoria 10.15 (75) def. Western Australia 8.9 (57) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 3,000) [16]

Thursday 10 AugustEdit

Day 5
Thursday, 10 August (3:00pm) Tasmania 15.11 (101) def. New South Wales 3.9 (27) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 300) [17]

Saturday 12 AugustEdit

Day 6
Saturday, 12 August (1:00pm) Tasmania 8.14 (62) def. Western Australia 8.9 (57) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 20,000 (C-R)) [2]
Saturday, 12 August (3:00pm) South Australia 11.11 (77) def. Victoria 5.4 (34) Adelaide Oval (crowd: 20,000) [2]


1911 Adelaide Carnival ladder
1 South Australia 4 4 0 0 356 102 8
2 Victoria 4 3 1 0 275 245 6
3 Tasmania 4 2 2 0 225 245 4
4 Western Australia 4 1 3 0 204 299 2
5 New South Wales 4 0 4 0 186 356 0
Key: P = Played, W = Won, L = Lost, D = Drawn, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, PTS = Premiership points. Points are calculated by the South Australian method. Source[2]


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