1908 Croatian parliamentary election

Early parliamentary elections were held in the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia on 27 and 28 February 1908, after being called by Ban Pavao Rauch.[1]

1908 Croatian parliamentary election

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88 seats in the Sabor
  First party Second party
  Frano Supilo rat.jpg Josip Frank.jpg
Leader Frano Supilo Josip Frank
Party Croat-Serb Coalition Starčević's Party of Rights
Seats won
56 / 88
24 / 88
Seat change Increase 24 Increase 5
Popular vote 17,723 9,254
Percentage 49.64% 25.92%

Croatian Parliamentary Election Results 1908.png
Results of the election in each of the electoral districts in 8 counties of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia: the party with the plurality of votes in each district.
  Starčević's Party of Rights   Party of Rights
  Serb Independent Party   Croatian Peoples' Peasant Party
  Croatian People's Progressive Party   Social-Democrats   Serb People's Radical Party   Independent


Party or allianceVotes%Seats
Croat-Serb CoalitionParty of Rights9,38726.2923
Serb Independent Party3,0888.6519
Independent Club3,72010.4210
Croatian People's Progressive Party1,5284.284
Starčević's Party of Rights9,25425.9224
Serb People's Radical Party3,0068.422
Constitutional Party1,7294.840
Croatian People's Peasant Party1,1353.183
Social Democratic Party of Croatia and Slavonia8372.341
Registered voters/turnout48,572

Elected representativesEdit

Constituency Elected Deputy Party
Zagreb I Đuro Šurmin Croatian People's Progressive Party
Zagreb II Miroslav Kulmer Independent Club
Zagreb III Ivan Peršić Starčević's Party of Rights