1906 Calgary municipal election

The 1906 Calgary municipal election was held on December 10, 1906 to elect a Mayor and twelve Aldermen to sit on the twenty-third Calgary City Council from January 14, 1907 to January 2, 1908.[1]

1906 Calgary municipal election

← 1905 December 10, 1906 (1906-12-10) 1907 →
Candidate Arthur Leslie Cameron Richard Addison Brocklebank Robert James Stuart
Popular vote 821 338 297
Percentage 56.39% 23.21% 20.40%

Mayor before election

John Emerson

Elected Mayor

Arthur Leslie Cameron

Arthur Leslie Cameron was elected Mayor of Calgary for the second time, his first occurring in the 1897 Calgary municipal election.

Background edit

The election was held under multiple non-transferable vote where each elector was able to cast a ballot for the mayor and up to three ballots for separate councillors with a voter's designated ward.

The requirements for a candidate to be eligible to run for the office of Mayor or Aldermen included being a male or female over the age of 21. Property ownership requirements included owning real property with an assessed value of $200, or tenants of real property with a value of $400, or income in the amount of $400.[2]

All Aldermen candidates for Ward 3 and Ward 4 were acclaimed upon the close of nomination on December 3, 1906.[3]

Richard Addison Brocklebank was convinced to run as a candidate for Mayor in November prior to the election, he did so with the backing of Labour on the condition he would run as an independent.[4] In order to be eligible as a candidate for the Mayoral election, Brocklebank resigned from the License Commission a day prior to the election.[2]

Results edit

Mayor edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Arthur Leslie Cameron 821 56.39%
Richard Addison Brocklebank 338 23.21%
Robert James Stuart 297 20.40%

Councillors edit

Ward 1 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Alfred Moodie 259
Silas Alexander Ramsay 190
Robert Suitor 177
James Abel Hornby 163
William Pittman 136
Adoniram Judson Samis 120
Henry Haskins 57

Ward 2 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
William Henry Manarey 352
Harry William White 302
George Thomas Young 238
William George Hunt 186

Ward 3 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
John William Mitchell Acclaimed
Simon John Clarke Acclaimed
Arthur Garnet Graves Acclaimed

Ward 4 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Charles McMillan Acclaimed
John Goodwin Watson Acclaimed
Clifford Bernard Reilly Acclaimed

Public School Board Trustees edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Thomas Underwood 616
A. McTavish 581
James Short 580
R.J. Hutchings 191

Separate School Board Trustees edit

  • J.J. Chamberlain
  • J.R. Miquelon

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References edit

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