1905 Greek legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Greece on 20 February 1905.[1] Supporters of Theodoros Deligiannis emerged as the largest bloc in Parliament, with 144 of the 235 seats.[2]

1905 Greek legislative election

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All 235 seats in the Hellenic Parliament
118 seats needed for a majority
  Theodoros Deligiannis.JPG Aspiotis κζ George Theotokis.jpg Alexandros Zaimis 01.jpg
Leader Theodoros Diligiannis Georgios Theotokis Alexandros Zaimis
Seats won 144 53 18

Prime Minister before election

Theodoros Deligiannis

Prime Minister after election

Theodoros Deligiannis

Deligiannis remained Prime Minister after the election, but he was assassinated on 13 June and was succeeded by Dimitrios Rallis.[3]


Supporters of Theodoros Deligiannis144
Supporters of Georgios Theotokis53
Supporters of Alexandros Zaimis18
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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