1902 Calgary municipal election

The 1902 Calgary municipal election took place on December 8, 1902 to elect a Mayor and nine Aldermen to sit on the nineteenth Calgary City Council from January 5, 1903 to January 5, 1904.[1]

1902 Calgary municipal election

← 1901 December 8, 1902 (1902-12-08) 1903 →
W. P.
Candidate Thomas Underwood William Mahon Parslow
Popular vote 419 270
Percentage 60.81% 39.19%

Mayor before election

Thomas Underwood

Elected Mayor

Thomas Underwood

Background edit

The position for Mayor was contested by incumbent one-term mayor Thomas Underwood, who also previously served seven terms as Alderman, and five-term Alderman William Mahon Parslow.

The election was held under multiple non-transferable vote where each elector was able to cast a ballot for the mayor and up to three ballots for separate councillors with a voter's designated ward.

Key issues in the election were expansion of the sewer system, public health related to the spread of scarlet fever, municipally owned electric light systems, prohibition, and expanded fire protection.[2]

Richard Addison Brocklebank became the first labour supported candidate to sit on Calgary City Council after he was acclaimed in Ward 3.[3]

Results edit

Mayor edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Thomas Underwood 419 60.81%
William Mahon Parslow 270 39.19%
Total 419 -

Councillors edit

Ward 1 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
John Emerson 183
Silas Alexander Ramsay 182
Owen Herbert Bott 174
Mackenzie 154
Pitman 85

Ward 2 edit

Candidate Votes Percent
John Irwin 185
William Carson 143
William John Binning 95
John Hamilton Kerr 80
Brown 61

Ward 3 edit

School Trustees edit

Candidate Votes Percent
R. F. Hutchings 408
A. L. Cameron 364
Clifford Jones 333

September 1902 by-election edit

Following William Carson's decision to decline the office of Alderman for Ward 2 communicated to the City Clerk on December 18, 1902, a by-election was held which was won by William Henry Cushing.

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