1899 United States Senate election in Massachusetts

The 1899 United States Senate election in Massachusetts was held during January 1899. Republican incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge won election to a second term easily.

1899 United States Senate election in Massachusetts
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280 members of the Massachusetts General Court
141 votes needed to win
  HenryCabotLodgeSr.jpg Alexander Bern Bruce.png
Nominee Henry Cabot Lodge Alexander B. Bruce
Party Republican Democratic
Electoral vote 190 72
Percentage 67.86% 25.71%

Senator before election

Henry Cabot Lodge

Elected Senator

Henry Cabot Lodge

At the time, Massachusetts elected United States senators by a majority vote of the combined houses of the Massachusetts General Court.


Although Democrats made gains in the 1898 state elections, the General Court remained overwhelmingly Republican, assuring Lodge's re-election.[1]

Nominating caucusesEdit

The Republican legislative caucus unanimously re-nominated Senator Lodge by acclamation on January 10,[2] although his chief critic within the party, State Senator Herbert Parsons of Greenfield, did not attend.[3][4]

The Democrats nominated Alexander B. Bruce, the former mayor of Lawrence and candidate for Governor in 1898.[5]


The vote in the House was 159 for Lodge, 65 for Bruce, and 2 for Social Democrat Winfield P. Porter.[6][5]

The vote in the Senate was 31 for Lodge and 7 for Bruce. Senator Herbert Parsons refused to vote for Lodge.[6][5]

1899 United States Senate election in Massachusetts[7]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Henry Cabot Lodge (incumbent) 190 67.86%
Democratic Alexander B. Bruce 72 25.71%
Social Democratic Winfield P. Porter 2 0.71%
None No vote 16 5.71%
Total votes 280 100.00%


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