1896 Calgary municipal election

The 1896 Calgary municipal election was scheduled for December 14, 1896 to elect a Mayor and nine Councillors to sit on the thirteenth Calgary City Council from January 4, 1897 to January 3, 1898.

1896 Calgary municipal election

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  Wesley F Orr.jpg
Candidate Wesley Fletcher Orr

Mayor before election

Alexander McBride

Elected Mayor

Wesley Fletcher Orr

The entire council was acclaimed upon the close of nominations on December 7, 1896.[1]


Voting rights were provided to any male, single woman, or widowed British subject over twenty-one years of age who are assessed on the last revised assessment roll with a minimum property value of $200.

The election was held under multiple non-transferable vote where each elector was able to cast a ballot for the mayor and up to three ballots for separate councillors.[2]




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