1893 Edmonton municipal election

The 1893 Edmonton municipal election was held January 3, 1893 to elect the town council (consisting of a mayor and six aldermen, each elected for a one-year term) and three trustees for each of the public and separate school divisions.

Matthew McCauley, who was acclaimed as mayor in the 1893 election
John Alexander McDougall
Kenneth McLeod
Colin Strang
James Goodridge
George Sanderson
Cornelius Gallagher

Mayor Matt McCauley was re-elected by acclamation so no vote was held this year to fill that position.

Voter turnout edit

Voter turnout was 128 out of 268 eligible voters, or 47.7%.

Of those who were registered to vote, 176 were residents and 92 were non-residents (property-owners who did not live in Edmonton). No person was allowed to vote unless his taxes were paid.[1]

Results edit

(bold indicates elected, italics indicate incumbent)

Mayor edit

Candidate Votes %
Matthew McCauley Acclaimed

Aldermen edit

The alderman were elected through Plurality block voting with each voter being able to cast multiple votes.

Candidate Votes
John Alexander McDougall 107
Kenneth McLeod 84
Colin Strang 72
James Goodridge 64
George Sanderson 61
Cornelius Gallagher 58
Daniel Fraser 49
John Cameron 48
A. F. DeGagne 46

References edit

  1. ^ Edmonton Bulletin, Jan. 5, 1893