1888 Calgary municipal election

The 1888 Calgary municipal election was held on January 3, 1888 to elect a Mayor and six Councillors to sit on the fourth Calgary Town Council from January 16, 1888 to January 21, 1889.[1]

1888 Calgary municipal election

← 1886 (November) January 3, 1888 (1888-01-03) 1889 →
Candidate Arthur Edwin Shelton George Murdoch George Clift King
Popular vote 85 73 74
Percentage 36.64% 31.47% 31.90%

Mayor before election

George Clift King

Elected Mayor

Arthur Edwin Shelton

The 1888 election was the first after the Town Council had expanded from four councillors to six councillors.

Background edit

Nominations for council opened on December 27, 1887 and E. P. Davis was named returning officer, and the town fire hall was selected as his headquarters. Former Mayors George Murdoch, George Clift King and Arthur Edwin Shelton were nominated for the position of mayor. A public meeting was called a 2 p.m. later in the day to give speeches, which became so pointed and personal that several of the Aldermanic candidates withdrew their nominations.[2]

Results edit

Mayor edit

Candidate Votes Percent
Arthur Edwin Shelton 85 36.64%
George Clift King 74 31.90%
George Murdoch 73 31.47%

Councillors edit

Six councillors were elected in this election. Election was conducted using Plurality block voting. Each voter could cast up to six votes.

Candidate Votes Percent
James Campbell Linton 133
Howard Douglas 122
John Gillies McCallum 120
Wesley Fletcher Orr 110
Henry Collins 109
Alexander Allan 109
Not elected
Isaac Sanford Freeze 101
James Reilly 84
Joseph Bannerman 81
M. O'Keefe 74
James Martin 74
Joseph Maw 57
James Delamere Lafferty 25
G.T. Duncan 24
T. Kdu 22
Charles Watson 17

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