1880 Swiss constitutional referendum

A constitutional referendum was held in Switzerland on 31 October 1880 aiming at a complete overhaul of the constitution.[1] The constitutional amendments were rejected by 68.2% of voters and a majority of cantons.[1]


In order to pass, any amendments to the constitution needed a double majority; a majority of the popular vote and majority of the cantons.[2] The decision of each canton was based on the vote in that canton.[2] Full cantons counted as one vote, whilst half cantons counted as half.[2]


Choice Popular vote Cantons
Votes % Full Half Total
For 121,099 31.8 4 1 4.5
Against 260,126 68.2 15 5 17.5
Blank votes 5,305
Invalid votes
Total 536,530 100 19 6 22
Registered voters/turnout 641,576
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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