1880 Bulgarian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria in January and February 1880.[1][2] Low voter turnout in some constituencies led to the results being invalidated and the elections re-run.[1] Unlike in former elections, the government did not attempt to influence the result,[1] resulting in the opposition Liberal Party retaining their majority in the National Assembly.[3] Of the 162 seats, the Liberal Party won 103 and the Conservative Party won 50.[3] When the newly elected Assembly convened, Liberal Party member Petko Karavelov was elected Chairperson.[3]

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All 162 seats to the National Assembly
82 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  DraganTsankov.jpg Kliment tarnovski.jpg
Leader Dragan Tsankov Kliment Turnovski
Party Liberal Conservative
Last election 140 seats 30 seats
Seats won 103 50
Seat change Decrease37 Increase20

Prime Minister before election

Kliment Turnovski

Subsequent Prime Minister

Dragan Tsankov

Following the election the government resigned, but incumbent Prime Minister Kliment Turnovski was asked to form another government.[3] Ultimately Dragan Tsankov formed a government and became Prime Minister on 8 April.[4]


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