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1870 French constitutional referendum

A constitutional referendum was held in France on 8 May 1870.[1] Voters were asked whether they approved of the liberal reforms made to the constitution since 1860 and passed by the Sénatus-consulte on 20 April 1870. The changes were approved by 82.7% of voters with an 81.3% turnout.[2] However, France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War caused the Empire to be abolished later that year. Despite this being the ninth constitutional referendum in French history, it was the first to have more than 8% oppose the motion, and one of only four to have less than 99% official approval.



French constitutional referendum, 1870
Choice Votes %
  Yes 7,350,142 82.7
No 1,538,825 17.3
Valid votes 8,888,967 98.7
Invalid or blank votes 112,975 1.3
Total votes 9,001,942 100.00


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