1865 Faroese general election

Partial general elections were held in the Faroe Islands in 1865 to elect nine of the eighteen elected members of the Løgting.[1] The Danish administrator (Amtmaður) and the local dean (Próstur) were also members, with the administrator serving as the speaker.[2]

Electoral system


Members of the Løgting were elected by first-past-the-post voting, with voters having as many votes as there were seats available in their constituency. Nine of the 18 seats were elected every two years. Voting was restricted to men aged 25 or over who met certain tax-paying criteria.[1]


Constituency Elected members Notes
Norðoyggjar Absalon Guttormsen Re-elected
Hans David Matras Re-elected
Sandoy Jóannes Dalsgaard Re-elected
Ole Jacobsen
Suðuroy Niels Jacob Joensen
Daniel Jákup Mortensen Re-elected
Suðurstreymoy Joen Jacobsen
Hans Christopher Müller
Napoleon Nolsøe
Source: Løgting[1]


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