1863 Costa Rican general election

General elections were held in Costa Rica on 5 April 1863.[1] Jesús Jiménez Zamora was elected president of Costa Rica for the first time, succeeding José María Montealegre Fernández. He would go on to dissolve the Congress almost immediately afterwards and call for new parliamentary elections restoring calm and ending his period peacefully.[1]

1863 Costa Rican general election

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Presidential election
Nominee Jesús Jiménez Zamora Juan José Ulloa Solares
Electoral vote 299 2
Percentage 98.68% 0.66%

President before election

José María Montealegre

Elected President

Jesús Jiménez Zamora

Results Edit

Jesús Jiménez Zamora29998.68
Juan José Ulloa Solares20.66
Cruz Alvarado10.33
José María Castro Madriz10.33
Registered voters/turnout312
Source: TSE

References Edit

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