1862 Vermont gubernatorial election

The 1862 Vermont gubernatorial election for governor of Vermont was held on Tuesday, September 2.[1] In keeping with the "Mountain Rule", incumbent Republican Frederick Holbrook was a candidate for a second one-year term.[2][3] The Democratic nominee was Benjamin H. Smalley, who had been on the ballot in 1861 as the gubernatorial candidate of the "Peace Democrats," who favored compromise with the Confederacy.[4]

1862 Vermont gubernatorial election

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  Frederick Holbrook (Vermont governor) 2.jpg
Nominee Frederick Holbrook Benjamin H. Smalley
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 29,543 3,772
Percentage 88.5% 11.3%

Governor before election

Frederick Holbrook

Elected Governor

Frederick Holbrook

Vermont continued to strongly support the Union and the Republican Party.[2] Holbrook was backed by Republicans and pro-Union Democrats, and easily defeated Smalley to win a one-year term that began on October 10.[2][5]

General electionEdit


1862 Vermont gubernatorial election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Frederick Holbrook (incumbent) 29,543 88.5%
Democratic Benjamin H. Smalley 3,772 11.3%
Scattering 77 0.2%
Total votes '33,392' '100'


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