1858 Oregon gubernatorial election

The 1858 Oregon gubernatorial election took place on June 7, 1858 to elect the first governor in anticipation of Oregon statehood. With the state Democratic Party split into factions driven by personal rivalry and state government influence, the election matched insurgent E. M. Barnum against establishment candidate John Whiteaker, who won. The Republican Party first nominated John Denny, but he later withdrew in favor of the insurgent Democrat, whom the party hoped to win over to the Republicans.[1]

1858 Oregon gubernatorial election

June 7, 1858 1862 →
  Gov John Whiteaker.jpg No image.svg
Nominee John Whiteaker E. M. Barnum
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 5,134 4,213
Percentage 54.93% 45.07%

Oregon election results-DATA MISSING.svg
County results

Governor before election

George Law Curry
as Territorial Governor

Elected Governor

John Whiteaker


Oregon gubernatorial election, 1858[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic John Whiteaker 5,134 54.93
Democratic E. M. Barnum 4,213 45.07
Total votes 9,347 100


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