1856 Ecuadorian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Ecuador in 1856.[1] The elections were held using an electoral college, and resulted in a victory for Francisco Robles, who received 60% of the vote.[1] He took office on 1 September.[2]

1856 Ecuadorian presidential election

1856 1865 →
Nominee Francisco Robles Manuel Gómez de la Torre
Electoral vote 514 292
Percentage 59.70% 33.91%

President before election

José María Urvina

Elected President

Francisco Robles

Results edit

Francisco Robles51459.70
Manuel Gómez de la Torre29233.91
Manuel Bustamante del Mazo374.30
Francisco Aguirre Abad91.05
Other candidates91.05
Valid votes86198.74
Invalid/blank votes111.26
Total votes872100.00
Source: Cevallos

References edit

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