1849 Louisiana gubernatorial election

The 1849 Louisiana gubernatorial election was the last of two elections to take place under the Louisiana Constitution of 1845. The new constitution abolished the provision in the 1812 constitution that required a gubernatorial candidate to win a vote of the legislature to get elected, leaving the final decision up to the people. The new constitution also cut incumbent Governor Alexandre Mouton's term short by one year thus moving the election from July 1846 to January 1846 with the inauguration of the new governor in February.

1849 Louisiana gubernatorial election
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Nominee Joseph Marshall Walker Alexandre DeClouet
Party Democratic Whig
Popular vote 14,485 13,807
Percentage 51.20% 48.80%

Governor before election

Isaac Johnson

Elected Governor

Joseph Marshall Walker


Popular Vote[1]

Party Candidate Votes received Percentage
Democratic Joseph Marshall Walker 14,485 51.20%
Whig Alexandre DeClouet 13,807 48.80%
Total Vote 28,292


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