1845 in China

Events from the year 1845 in China.[1]

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  • Zhao Erfeng (1845–1911), courtesy name Jihe, was a Qing Dynasty official and Han Chinese bannerman, who belonged to the Plain Blue Banner. He is known for being the last amban in Tibet, appointed in March, 1908
  • Li Rongfa (Chinese: 李容發) (1845–1891) was an eminent military leader of the Taiping Rebellion, and known during his military tenure as King of Zhong the second (忠二王)
  • Wang Yirong (Chinese: 王懿榮; 1845–1900) was a director of the Chinese Imperial Academy, best known as the first to recognize that the symbols inscribed on oracle bones were an early form of Chinese writing
  • Ma Jianzhong (Chinese: 馬建忠) (1845 Dantu, Jiangsu province –1900), courtesy name Meishu (眉叔), also known as Ma Kié-Tchong in French, was a Chinese official and scholar in the late Qing Dynasty
  • Xu Jingcheng (Chinese: 許景澄; 1845 – 28 July 1900) was a Chinese diplomat and Qing politician supportive of the Hundred Days' Reform


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