1845 Portuguese legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Portugal on 3 and 17 August 1845.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

The elections were held under the Constitutional Charter of 1826,[2] and in accordance with a decree issued on 28 April 1845.[1] Members of the Chamber of Deputies were elected in an indirect system in which voters elected provincial assemblies, who in turn elected members of the Chamber.[2]

The 142 members of the Chamber of Deputies included 119 representing the mainland and 10 representing islands (all elected in multi-member constituencies), with another 13 representing overseas colonies (three elected in single-member constituencies and ten in multi-member constituencies).[1]


The result was a victory for the Cabralistas, with Miguelistas advising voters to boycott the elections.[1] The opposition won only six seats in Alentejo.[1]


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