1842 Connecticut gubernatorial election

The 1842 Connecticut gubernatorial election was held on April 6, 1842. Former Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives and Democratic nominee Chauncey Fitch Cleveland was elected, defeating incumbent governor and Whig nominee William W. Ellsworth with 49.94% of the vote.

1842 Connecticut gubernatorial election

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Nominee Chauncey Fitch Cleveland William W. Ellsworth
Party Democratic Whig
Electoral vote 139 68
Popular vote 25,564 23,700
Percentage 49.94% 46.29%

Governor before election

William W. Ellsworth

Elected Governor

Chauncey Fitch Cleveland

Cleveland won a plurality of the vote, but fell just short of a majority, by 34 votes. The state constitution at the time required the Connecticut General Assembly decide the election if no candidate won a majority of the vote. The state legislature voted 139 to 68 to elect Cleveland the governor.[1]

This was the first appearance of the Liberty Party in a Connecticut governor's race, and the first of Francis Gillette's ten attempts at seeking the governorship.

General electionEdit


Major party candidates

  • Chauncey Fitch Cleveland, Democratic
  • William W. Ellsworth, Whig

Minor party candidates

  • Francis Gillette, Liberty


1842 Connecticut gubernatorial election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Chauncey Fitch Cleveland 25,564 49.94%
Whig William W. Ellsworth (incumbent) 23,700 46.29%
Liberty Francis Gillette 1,319 2.58%
Conservative Luther Loomis 612 1.20%
Plurality 1,864
1842 Connecticut gubernatorial election, contingent General Assembly election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Chauncey Fitch Cleveland 139 67.15%
Whig William W. Ellsworth (incumbent) 68 32.85%
Majority 71
Democratic gain from Whig Swing


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