1840 in Denmark

Events from the year 1840 in Denmark.

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  • 1 January – An act establishes Copenhagen's municipal constitution (Københavns kommunale forfatning). The 38 members of the City Council are to be elected by the citizens whereas the three mayors and the lord mayor are to be appointed by the king as was previously the case.[2]
  • 9 April – The first election for the new City Council is held. Only 1929 citizens, out of a population of about 121,000, are able to participate in the election due to heavy restrictions on voting access.[2]
  • 27 June – The anointing of King Christian VIII at Frederiksberg Palace, the last such ceremony to take place in Denmark before it is abolished with the introduction of the Danish constitution in 1849.
  • 8 September – Søren Kierkegaard reveals his feelings for her to Regine Olsen





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