1832 Massachusetts gubernatorial election

The 1832 Massachusetts gubernatorial election was held on November 12.

1832 Massachusetts gubernatorial election

← Nov 1831 November 12, 1832 (1832-11-12) 1833 →
  LLincolnJr.jpg Marcus Morton.jpg 3x4.svg
Nominee Levi Lincoln Jr. Marcus Morton Samuel Lathrop
Party National Republican Democratic Anti-Masonic
Popular vote 33,946 15,197 14,755
Percentage 52.86% 23.66% 22.97%

Governor before election

Levi Lincoln Jr.
National Republican

Elected Governor

Levi Lincoln Jr.
National Republican

National Republican Governor Levi Lincoln Jr. was re-elected to a ninth term in office over Democrat Marcus Morton and Anti-Mason Samuel Lathrop.

General electionEdit



The Anti-Masonic Party, which was now controlled by former Democrats, was growing in strength. The party positioned itself in opposition to Henry Clay, a Mason and the National Republican presidential candidate, by declaring him "far behind the ordinary standard of morals" with "no virtuous example in his private life." This created a conundrum for Anti-Masonic nominee Samuel Lathrop, a friend of Clay.[1]

Democratic candidate Marcus Morton, who had campaigned actively in the preceding three elections, sought to withdraw his name but was persuaded to stay on the ticket by party leader David Henshaw. Morton accepted his role as the state's advocate for the Andrew Jackson campaign but saw little hope of victory and privately expressed that he had no influence over anyone but his son Marcus Jr.[1]

Jackson's veto of the renewal of the national bank charter and his declaration against concentrated wealth consolidated conservative elements against him and may have buoyed the National Republican vote in the state.[1]


Lincoln and Henry Clay carried the state with more than twice the vote of their nearest competitor, with the Democrats finishing third in both races.[1] Turnout increased, though this time with most of the new votes going to the National Republicans and Democrats.[1]

1832 Massachusetts gubernatorial election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Republican Levi Lincoln Jr. (incumbent) 33,946 52.86%  1.06
Democratic Marcus Morton 15,197 23.66%  3.11
Anti-Masonic Samuel Lathrop 14,755 22.97%  2.04
Write-in 327 0.51%  0.01
Total votes 64,225 100.00%

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