1828 United States House of Representatives election in New Jersey

New Jersey elected its members November 4, 1828.

District Incumbent This race
Member Party First elected Results Candidates
New Jersey at-large
6 seats on a general ticket
Lewis Condict Anti-Jacksonian 1820 Incumbent re-elected.
George Holcombe Jacksonian 1820 Incumbent died January 14, 1828.
New member elected.
Jacksonian hold.
Successor also elected the same day to finish the current term.
Isaac Pierson Anti-Jacksonian 1826 Incumbent re-elected.
Samuel Swan Anti-Jacksonian 1820 Incumbent re-elected.
Hedge Thompson Anti-Jacksonian 1826 Incumbent died July 23, 1828.
New member elected.
Anti-Jacksonian gain.
Thomas Sinnickson was elected the same day to finish the current term.
Ebenezer Tucker Anti-Jacksonian 1824 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Anti-Jacksonian hold.

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