1822 Spanish general election

General elections to the Cortes Generales were held in Spain in 1822. At stake were all 203 seats in the Congress of Deputies.

1822 Spanish general election

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All 203 seats of the Congress of Deputies
102 seats needed for a majority

Cortes Cadiz 1813.svg
Spanish Congress of Deputies, after the election

Prime Minister before election

Francisco Martínez de la Rosa

Prime Minister after election

Evaristo Fernández San Miguel y Valledor


The 1822 elections were the second ones since the 1820 revolution. The elections were held under the Spanish Constitution of 1812.[2] 3,215,460 people were eligible to vote (universal male suffrage), out of a population of 11,661,865.


A majority voting system was used for the election, with 33 multi-member constituencies and various single-member ones.


Party Seats
Independents 203
Total 203

Almost all MPs were liberals, mainly from the radical veinteañista/exaltada faction.


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