1817 French legislative election

The 1817 French partial election took place on 20 September 1817, during the Second Restoration, to choose delegates to the Chamber of Deputies. It was the first of three elections (the others coming in 1818 and 1819) under a new law that called for legislative elections to be held annually in one-fifth of the nation's departments.[1]

1817 French legislative election
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← 1816 20 September 1817 1819 →
  First party Second party Third party
Party Doctrinaires Liberals Ultra-Royalists
Seats won 39 12 0

A total of 51 seats were contested.

The election was a clear defeat for the Ultras, who lost all their seats.[2] Until then confined to a few individuals, the liberals, led by the banker Jacques Laffitte, constituted a second opposition group at the left of the Government.


Party Seats
  Liberals 12
  Doctrinaires 39
  Ultra-royalists 0


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